David Watts Bring On World-Class Motivational Speakers Les Brown and Shawn Fair to Star in the First Show That Focuses on Public Speaking

Leading motivational speaker and CEO of Fair Consulting Group Shawn Fair has empowered the world with his story and mission. Now, together with Les Brown and David Watts, they are making history as they work on The Next Greatest Speaker. It is a pioneer television program that gives the spotlight to up-and-coming speakers all over the country.

David Watts is a partner with Onstage Plus, a brand marketing and digital content company based in Oakland, California. David went after world-class speakers Les Brown and Shawn Fair to be star judges and coaches on the show to give appeal to a wide audience. Anyone can watch Onstage Plus on the ROKU digital platform and all internet-connected devices with a reach of about 48 million households and on digital TV platforms in North and South America, as well as in Europe.

This upcoming show is not like any other. Onstage Plus Production is helping speakers nationwide to be a part of a platform that will elevate their stories. It gives them a chance to amplify their voices to the world. This will also open up endless opportunities for their lives and career. What’s even more exciting is that speakers who are chosen through the audition process will have the opportunity to receive mentorship and feedback from Shawn Fair and Les Brown themselves.

As a premier keynote speaker, Les Brown is a natural. He has the effortless ability to energize people. This inspires others to meet the challenges of the world around them. After all, he is a leading authority on speaking in front of more than 80,000 people. He does all this by skillfully weaving his compelling life story into the fabric of our daily lives. The thread is forever strengthened, touting that you can’t afford to be complacent and aim high, achieve, and actively impact the world. With Onstage Plus, he is even furthering his mission. That is to touch the lives of other aspiring speakers and turn their lives around as he did.

Shawn Fair is no stranger when it comes to his leadership in the motivational speaking and training industry. He is a sought-after expert in the areas of corporate leadership, vision, consultative, business development, and coaching. He has impacted countless lives. His reach spans from the United States to Europe and Canada. He helps individuals come to the realization that change is necessary for their personal and business growth. Shawn has a unique ability to engage, motivate, and inspire leaders of all levels to achieve their vision.

On the other hand, David Watts has been in the marketing and entertainment industry since he was 19 years old. He has since been working with A-list celebrities. This includes Louis Grossette Jr., Les Brown, Vivica A. Fox, Mario Van Peebles, and Denzel Washington. He also worked with top athletes and directors from all over the world. Today, he is currently a partner at Onstage Plus.

Shawn Fair, Les Brown, and David Watts are all working hard to make this milestone a reality. Onstage Plus is finally an answer to a call for storytellers, speakers, authors, thought leaders, or anyone who wants to share their story. Now, through their hard work, they are proud to present a show for speakers, by speakers, to inspire others and change the world.

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